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How are 4ocean bracelets made / what are 4ocean bracelets made from?

All 4ocean bracelets are handcrafted by local artisans in Bali and Guatemala with components made from recycled materials, including our recovered ocean plastic. 100% recycled 4ocean Plastic cord. Marine debris recovered by our crews is transported t

Are 4ocean bracelets waterproof?

Yes! 4ocean was founded by surfers, so all of our bracelets are designed to be worn in and around the water. Our 100% waterproof bracelets are made with recycled plastic cord, recycled stainless steel charms, and recycled glass beads. Note that you m

Will a 4ocean bracelet fit my wrist / what size are the bracelets?

4ocean bracelets are unisex, waterproof, and adjustable from 7–13 inches (roughly 18–33 cm) to ensure they fit you just the way you want. Please note that a small number of braided bracelets are NOT adjustable and, instead, come in four standard size

How do I adjust my 4ocean bracelet?

Most 4ocean bracelets are adjustable from 7–13 inches (roughly 18–33 cm). To make your bracelet bigger, pinch the two end beads and pull your hands apart. To make the bracelet tighter, pinch the ends of the two loose cords and pull your hands apart.

Why is the knot on my 4ocean bracelet so tight (and how do I loosen it)?

Every 4ocean bracelet is handcrafted with an adjustable slipknot for size inclusivity and easy wear. Our skilled artisans know that these knots loosen over time with regular use, so they’re tied extra tight when you first get them. You can break in y

Why is my bracelet/product a different color than what I saw on your website?

We make it a point to depict our products as accurately as possible, but slight variations should be expected. Computer monitors often have different display settings and resolutions that can make colors appear slightly different than they are in per

Can 4ocean bracelets be recycled?

Yes! Our bracelets are made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. Just check your local recycling guidelines to see how to recycle; you may need to separate the glass beads and stainless steel charms from the plastic cord before they’ll be