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How are 4ocean bracelets made / what are 4ocean bracelets made from?Updated 7 months ago

All 4ocean bracelets are handcrafted by local artisans in Bali and Guatemala with components made from recycled materials, including our recovered ocean plastic.

100% recycled 4ocean Plastic cord

  • Marine debris recovered by our crews is transported to a local 4ocean facility where PET plastics are sorted from the rest of our recovered materials

  • Recovered PET plastics are stripped of their labels, hot washed, shredded, melted, and extruded into pre-production plastic pellets (i.e., they’re recycled)

  • Recycled 4ocean Plastic pellets are sent to our U.S. manufacturing partner where they’re spun into yarn, dyed, and coated in 100% beeswax to preserve the color

100% recycled stainless steel charms

  • We partner with a manufacturer in China to produce all of our custom bracelet charms from 100% recycled stainless steel

95% post-consumer recycled glass beads

  • A portion of the glass bottles collected by our crews are  mixed with other post-consumer recycled glass to produce the volume we need to satisfy demand

  • A little bit of raw silica is added to the recycled glass mixture to give our beads strength and durability; note that the addition of the silica is the only reason why our beads are not certified as 100% recycled content

  • Once formed, the beads are cut to size and a hole is drilled in the center

Handcrafted by local artisans

  • All recycled material components are distributed to skilled artisans in Bali and Guatemala where they are hand-woven into the variety of intricate patterns found in our bracelet collections

  • Our artisans carefully collect all discarded cord and beads so they can either be reused or recycled into other bracelets

Third-party certified

  • GreenCircle Certified has audited our collection process and supply chain to verify all recovered and recycled material claims.

FYI: We’re still transitioning older inventory to 100% recycled 4ocean Plastic cord

The plastic we recover is often extremely degraded due to environmental exposure and it took a lot of trial and error to figure out how to make a quality bracelet cord using only our recovered materials. 

We officially transitioned to 100% recycled 4ocean Plastic cord with the re-release of our Signature Beaded Bracelet in August 2022. While a handful of bracelets were made with 100% recycled 4ocean Plastic cord prior to this date, the rest were made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic cord with only small amounts of our recovered ocean plastic mixed in. 

Some of the bracelets made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic cord are still available on our website and will transition to 100% recycled 4ocean Plastic cord when it’s time to replenish that inventory. For full transparency, material composition is listed on the product page for every item in our shop.

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