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How does the Clean Ocean Club work?Updated a year ago

Every month, 4ocean selects an ocean-related cause in need of greater attention and resources. We partner with an organization doing great work for that cause, explaining the situation and their mission to our fans, donating money to help fund their operations, and releasing a new 4ocean bracelet to serve as a daily reminder of the issue.

When you sign up for the 4ocean Clean Ocean Club, you’ll get every new bracelet style, which not only raises awareness of the ocean causes but also funds the removal of two pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines every single month. Club members are some of our most loyal supporters. To reward their commitment to a cleaner ocean, we ship club members the monthly bracelets two weeks before they’re available to the general public. You can also add products to your upcoming subscription and recieve 10% off those items. 

As a club member, you will automatically be charged $20 plus shipping every month. You can cancel anytime for any reason. The date you sign up will determine which bracelet starts your subscription. If you subscribe before the 15th, you’ll get the current month’s bracelet. You’ll be charged for the bracelet you receive and then again on the 15th for the following month’s bracelet. If you join the Clean Ocean Club on or after the 15th, your membership will start with the next month’s bracelet. If you want this month’s bracelet, you’ll need to purchase it separately. To clarify, if you subscribe before the 15th of the month, you’ll see two charges in the first month of your subscription and receive the current month’s bracelet.

Becoming a 4ocean Monthly Subscriber shows that you’re committed to a cleaner ocean. It’s people like you that make it possible for us to do what we do every single day.

Our Clean Ocean Club members pull two pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines every month and get each new bracelet before it’s available to the public.

  • If you subscribe before the 11th of this month, you will get the current month’s bracelet. Your card will be charged again on the 15th of this month to ensure you also get next month’s bracelet as part of our early-release program. You should expect to see two charges this month and one charge every month going forward.


  • If you subscribe on or after the 11th of this month, the purchase amount goes toward next month’s bracelet as part of our early-release program. You will need to purchase this month’s new bracelet separately if that is the one you want.

Follow these instructions once you purchase your Clean Ocean Club membership.

    • Create your 4ocean account: Once you purchase your subscription, you’ll receive an email that includes a link to set up your account. You can also create an account here. Make sure you use the same email address you used to purchase your membership.


    • Keep your 4Ocean account updated: If your shipping address, billing address, or credit card number change, you will need to update your account to keep your subscription current. This will prevent billing issues and shipping delays.


  • Billing and shipping: As a 4ocean Clean Ocean Club member, you’ll get your bracelets before they become available to everyone else. You’ll be charged on the 15th of each month when our new bracelets are shipped as part of our early-release program. You will not receive new bracelets on the 15th. The delivery timeframe depends on your shipping location.
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