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How do I cancel my subscription?Updated 3 months ago

We hope that you will stay with us on our journey and help continue our mission of cleaner oceans but we completely understand and respect your decision to end your monthly subscription. To do so, simply go to the login pageOnce logged into your account click on Manage Subscriptions under Account. Then click on "Manage Subscription", scroll down and you will see "Cancel Subscription". 

Simply placing an order with 4ocean does not create an account. So don't fret if you attempt to sign in and it says there isn't an account. If you receive that prompt, simply click here. Enter your information and the email you've used when making your purchases. Once you hit sign up, any purchase associated with that email address will sync together and you'll be able to login and make any changes you'd like, on your account, including canceling the subscription if need be.

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