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Does the trash tracker include pounds pulled by volunteers?Updated a year ago

The 4ocean TrashTracker is our way of documenting how many pounds of trash our professional cleanup crews recover on behalf of ocean lovers like you.

The numbers you see on the 4ocean TrashTracker only reflect the pounds of trash our paid captains and crews pulled from the ocean and coastlines. The TrashTracker does not include pounds pulled by volunteers at our Community Cleanups.

The 4ocean TrashTracker is not an exact match for the number of products we’ve sold, either. While the Better Business Bureau audits and certifies that we’ve pulled at least one pound for every 4ocean product sold, we’ve actually pulled more than would be required to fulfill our pull-a-pound pledge. As of today, we have pulled about 25% more pounds than units of products sold.

The trash we recover during our daily cleanups is carefully weighed, photographed, sorted, and cataloged along with location coordinates. This data is then uploaded into the 4ocean TrashTracker. The Better Business Bureau audits and certifies our documentation quarterly so you can be confident we’re backing up our commitments with ocean-cleaning results.

Finally, in the interest of full transparency, we should explain that, from the beginning, we’ve committed to pulling a pound of trash from the ocean within one year of the purchase of each product. Our pounds pulled are often ahead of our product sales, but should sales suddenly take off there may be a short lag time for our pounds pulled to catch up to our product sales.

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