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Can I donate to 4oceanUpdated a year ago

No. 4ocean is a business, specifically a public benefit corporation, which is why we cannot and do not accept donations. 


However, we understand that some people want to support our mission to end the ocean plastic crisis and help fund our global ocean cleanup operation without purchasing our products, which is why we launched the Pound+ Ocean Cleanup Service. 


With Pound+, you can choose how many pounds of trash you want to pull and pay just $10 per pound. This is not a tax deductible donation, but a service that provides value in exchange for your purchase. Think of it like hiring a landscaper to tend your lawn or hiring a maintenance service to care for your pool, except you're hiring our professional captains and crews to recover marine debris from one of our global cleanup locations. Each time you use our Pound+ service, we'll issue you a digital certificate that verifies your impact.

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