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Who is 4ocean hiring to clean the ocean in the Caribbean?

How does ocean plastic pollution effect people in high-impact areas?

How does purchasing a 4ocean bracelet help clean the ocean?

When you purchase a product, you’re doing a lot more than removing one pound of trash from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines. You’re also supporting our entire global ocean cleanup operation by funding new equipment, vessels, cleanup crews, facilitie

Why should people who don't live near the ocean care about plastic pollution?

What's 4ocean doing to stop plastic from entering the ocean?

We considered all parts of our business vital to ocean cleanups. Everything we do is focused on cleaning the ocean and stopping pollution from entering the ocean. While our cleanup crews that work 7 days a week are a huge part of it, there’s so much

Where does all the trash in the ocean come from?

It’s estimated that up to 80 percent of ocean plastic comes from a land-based source and enters the ocean through a river mouth. Man-made causes (such as improper disposal or littering) and natural causes (such as storms, rain, and wind) contribute t

What do you do with the trash you collect?

Everything we collect is brought back to our facility where it is carefully sorted. What we can recycle gets recycled. At our South Florida location, everything we can't recycle is taken to Solid Waste Authority (the most efficient, lowest emission f

How can I volunteer with you?

There are a lot of ways to join the clean ocean movement. If you’d like to join us at one of our Community Cleanup events,please see our Events page here: But you don’t have to join a 4ocean cleanup to make a difference. S

How Do We Select Which Countries To Operate From Next?

4Ocean is always looking for the most impactful areas in which we can help. We have a dedicated cleanups division that looks for where we can make a difference. To stay up to date on where our team will be in the future, please visit our Facebook Eve